lcd video brochure takes you to the zero-touch social in the 5G era



          Recently, with the rise of short video, more and more industries are using video to display their corporate image and enhance their popularity. In the current hot short video era, how to use this convenient, flexible and low-cost form for personal business socializing. You need to clearly position, choose a good angle, identify the audience, and then create quality products and do related promotion.

          Compared with longer videos, short videos generally refer to videos with a duration of tens of seconds to a few minutes. The content is short and the subject is concentrated. It is mainly necessary to transfer the main information through a few minutes of visual images. From the birth of short video in the PC era from 2004 to 2006, to the creation of short video on mobile terminals in 2012, and the launch of a large number of short video apps in 2016, short video has achieved rapid development in the past ten years.

          Today's audience is increasingly accustomed to mobile, social and multi-screen information receiving methods. Short videos can be adapted to people's fragmented reading and sharing from time to time because of their short, precise, fast, strange and easy to share, as well as convenient and interactive features, and their advantages of integrating sound, text, pictures and other forms into one. The habit of interaction has become the first choice for people to spread information.

     With the widespread application of emerging technologies such as 5G and AI, the short video industry will enter the next stage of rapid development. The integration of short video and other industries will continue to deepen, and there is room for continued growth in the scale of the industry. For example, the video business card, lcd video brochure is to use the characteristics of short video to tailor a new type of enterprise introduction information method that suits its own positioning, industry and development characteristics.

lcd video brochure

             The network is affecting us subtly. During this time, for everyone, in addition to the inconvenience of traveling, it also increases the difficulty of socializing. At present, the external cooperation of many enterprises is in a state of cessation. Existing customers, the cooperation between the familiar upstream and downstream enterprises can still exist. Companies relying on new customers are even more difficult. Only some ways to arouse the interest of the other party, such as lcd video brochure, not only solve the trust problem, but also express themselves clearly within a limited time, and effectively convey the intention.

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