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Abstract: Yinrrytung, a popular cosmetics brand born in Paris, takes "make up in French style" as its brand concept. Integrating top research and development technology and the most cutting-edge fashion essence, Yinrrytung has made itself a fashionable color trend pioneer. The brand is devoted to makeup-and-skincare combination, maximizing the features of romance, confidence, sexiness, attractiveness in women.

 Yinrrytung(Paris,France), with its unique and quick response to fashion, always adheres to the French style elegance and has been advancing for the charm of women for more than a decade. Its beauty products are popular in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and more than 80 countries and regions. They are highly sought after by women in pursuit of beauty and people in fashion.

Lipsticks, main products of Yinrrytung, are well known because they meet the skin nourishing needs of women's delicate lips, match and improve all kinds of lip shapes and lip colors. The products can give lips full contour, at the same time moisturize and nourish lips.

Yinrrytung has poured its French philosophy and sensitivity to fashion into the brand. It has been brave in innovation and continuous exploration, which to some extent influenced the global cosmetics market. Taking the roots of French style as the gene, the fun and no-limits as the tension, and taking the young style as the direction, Yinrrytung has turned cosmetics into a fashion carnival.

 Company: Shanghai Huimin International Trade Co., Ltd.

Contact person: KingKong



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