“New The Belt And Road Initiatives”—The Direct Channel For Your Export


The occurrence of novel coronavirus has a considerable impact on current international trade.In order to help some suppliers export to Chinese market, we have established an international electronic direct channel for exporter.This is a free international direct channel.

Using this platform, you needn't download and install any other application. You can use it at any time and anywhere only through your mobile with the chinese wechat , which is very easy to operate, and actually helps the free trade between you and china.

The platform is only open to effective and accurate dealers. We will strictly review the identities of both parties,ensure they have true full qualified , they are directly exporters and the first hand chinese importers.Both parties can freely connect online, negotiate prices in real time, and make transactions each other.

The platform can prevent international trade risks, effectively improve your internal marketing management.

reduce transaction costs of both sides, make you sell more and feel more secure, and make buyers buy more affordable and more worry.it can "save money", "save time" and "save labor", to achieve "openness", "fairness" and "justice", let everyone has a chance to excel.

At present, the trading commodities opened on our platform include "rice, sugar, vegetable oil, soybeans, grains, meat, poultry, seafood, aquatic products, fruits, etc."

We hope to build an international trade ecological environment with good faith, Let's share the benefits.

come on, join us quickly, please scan the QR code , or add our Wechat Number: Carl18589057293 ,and you can find us by the linkedin link.

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