RHIDER NFT- Create Possible for Impossible


Non-fungible token (NFT) Eco-system is developing rapidly. Hundreds and hundreds of projects are being launched every day -- some of the projects made a huge success in this market in a very short time because of their quality, uniqueness, community, originality, art, and vision.

What are RHIDER NFTs?

Rhider is a digital fashion brand with 5155 PFP created by a Chinese art team called Red Crew, and it will be launched on Jan.30th, 2023.

RHIDER NFT uses cute little rhinoceros as the inner body and combined them with a cool mecha style that is currently trending, and it represents enhanced individuals with pure hearts. The mecha is something that lots of people have dreamed of in their childhoods, it shows a certain feeling other than just something physical. People grew up in this complex and complicated world where everyone has to armor themselves, but under this very armor, they still managed to keep their innocents and fearlessness in this world, and are trying to be a better version of themselves in their own field.


Every art piece in RHIDER NFT is unique and originally drawn, different clothes, helmets and looks divided the RHIDER into 5 levels - X/A/B/C/D, and each level represents a different theme style.

Who’s behind RHIDER NFTs?

RHIDER is a collection that the Chinese art team Red Crew spent months grinding. This team is formed by several members with rich experience in crypto, art, and pop culture, and they wish to bring urban art into the metaverse together.

Yuchong Li - the core artist of the project, who has been studying in the urban culture and public art field for years, has organized and planned over 300 public art projects. And this time, he and his team will make RHIDER NFT not only a digital collection, but also wish to merge the brand RHIDER with more sustainable businesses through the form of NFT as the beginning of art expression, including art exhibitions and brand merch.

RHIDER NFT mint price and future

RHIDER NFT will be launched (free) at 20:00 (UTC+8) on Jan.30th through RhiderList. RHIDER has gained much attention of NFT enthusiasts through the early promotions. Right now RHIDER has built a Discord community overseas and a Chinese community, and the number continues to grow. Although it is a free mint project, to ensure the people who hold the RhiderList are truly followers of this project, the team went through all the applicants before handing the RhiderList out.

RHIDER’s total supply is 5155, 150 RHIDER NFTs will be locked in their contract, 1000 of them will be the first stage free mint for RhiderList, and the remaining 4005 will be linearly released through the RVM mechanism for the next 2 years.

RHIDER is getting approval in many known projects’ communities at the moment, their team is holding a series of events to hand out their RhiderList, and in the meantime, they are also recruiting talented like-minded people from every field and give them the RhiderList. Even so, there is still a large request for the RhiderList, and it is quite difficult to get even one now.

RHIDER will build a growing sustainable Eco-system in the future. Building a complete Eco-system in the metaverse, creating the utility of community, and merging in the real-life brand is the internal homework for the team.

According to the project’s plan, the second project is already in the making, and what we can know is, RHIDER as the first collection, its holders will gain valuable utility privileges. Meanwhile, the team will collaborate with other artists to hold an offline exhibition especially for holders in Q1, giving holders strong identity authentication and benefits.


RHIDER NFT is trying to stand out in the NFT market where cuteness prevails, how to balance art and its value is the forever topic for a good project, RHIDER team spent half a year grinding this work and kept their purest intention, which makes their art bound to shine in this bear NFT market.

Company: Red Crew

Contact Person: Jackson Li

Email: verse@rhiderio.com

Website: http://rhider.io

Telephone: 0731-88509989

City: Changsha, Hunan

Address: IFS International Financial Center, No. 186, Jiefang West Road, Furong District

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