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Neonatal asphyxia is one of the leading causes of neonatal death, cerebral palsy and dysnoesia. The promotion of the neonatal asphyxia resuscitation technique is of great significance to the decrease of the neonatal death rate and the improvement of the population quality. During the past 10 years’ work as a midwife, Zhang Baiyi once won the first prize in the Nanjing Neonatal Asphyxia Resuscitation Skills Contest. In her opinion, her selection of the midwifery specialty gave her the sense of mission and responsibility. With a deep understanding of the significance of holding two generations of life in her arms, she regards it a supreme honor to ensure the healthy birth to every fresh life.


It was her years of hard work that led her to the first prize. In order to improve her neonatal asphyxia resuscitation skills to guarantee the safety of the mother and her baby, she silently practiced thousands of times and treated every practice as rigorously as it was an actual delivery process. As a midwife, Zhang Baiyi has a high sense of responsibility, a calm mindset and sharp observation as well as a warm and compassionate heart. During her work, she treats every pregnant woman with equal enthusiasm, kindness and responsibility; she will handle any arising problems the first time; she understands the huge pain facing every pregnant woman when giving to birth and thus she treats them with great patience so as to release their fear and stress to smoothly complete the delivery. Her image of working diligently and relentlessly and with all-out efforts impressed her patients, collogues and leaders so much that none of them don’t speak highly of her.

Whenever a new life is born, Zhang Baiyi will carefully print the baby’s footprint, tie wristbands on its wrist and ankle and wrap it in the warm swaddle and then hand it over to its loved ones who are seized with great pleasure. Zhang Baiyi said that: “Every time I watch the loved ones excitingly waiting for the arrival of a new life and their blooming flower-like smile after witnessing its born, all of my exhaustion clears off immediately and I can, at that moment, picture nothing but the most beautiful scene in which the mother and her baby are doing fine.” What Zhang Baiyi has been doing exactly exemplifies the spirit of Florence Nightingale: take good care of every patient with love, patience, carefulness and responsibility.

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